Lisa Leckie


For two decades, Lisa has passionately pursued design and brand research, user experience strategy and innovation planning. Today, her focus is in helping companies better apply consumer insights to meet the needs of their market through brand and product strategy, and qualitative/ethnographic research that brings to life the human experience. 

Her expertise spans consumer and b2b technology, retail, clothing, financial services, entertainment, health and personal care with an emphasis on families, moms and teens, social media/ads, and internet of things experiences. Her work is strongly influenced by a deep passion for good design and includes global experience with brands such as Gap, Discovery Channel, eBay, Walmart, Allied Domecq, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Uber, and the San Francisco Aids Foundation. 

What best defines Lisa: Her Canadian roots, time spent at the Institute of Design and Doblin Group in the mid-90's, and work experience across a number of consultancies contributing to expertise in the fuzzy front-end of product and brand strategy. Prior to Humankind Co., Lisa led strategic brand and product engagements for Twitter and Instagram, as well as strategic research teams at Cheskin, Addis, Tattoo and Doblin Group. 

Lisa holds a BFA from the University of Alberta in industrial design and communications, and a Masters of Design in design planning from the Institute of Design in Chicago. 

In her spare time, you can find her pursuing her creative interests, including woodworking (she has over 500 hours of shop time under her belt), sewing, crafting, or creating art with her two small children.