Ben Allen


Ben is an award winning researcher and brand strategist who has worked across industries to deliver insights that lead to top-line growth. 

He started Labrador Agency to help address the gap between traditional qualitative firms and the results-oriented needs of consumer and b-to-b marketers.  With the advent of big data and online tools, marketers no longer need endless rounds of focus groups to hear their customers, but they still need to innately understand the consumer context, understand how consumers make decisions, and they need to understand how to orient their products, brands and marketing in order to optimize their offerings. 

Prior to founding Labrador he worked at W+K, Publicis, Sterling Brands, TATTOO and THINK Conservatory.  In doing so he developed a broad range of career brand experience; launching, refining and guiding brands such as Teen Vogue, AXE, Grooming, HP, Cirque du Soleil, Microsoft Surface, Old Navy, Levi’s, Discovery Networks, Oprah Winfrey, Red Bull and many more.